Focused Concentration


Traditional learning systems are decades behind the times. They were designed for an Industrial Age society to service the needs of an assembly line based technology. We take all of the children of the same age and we put them in the same room, teach them how to do the same things, in the same way, at the same time. This makes them all as identical as possible. Training conformity has been more important than teaching individuality, in a system that was successfully designed to produce assembly line factory workers. However to meet the changing needs of the Information Age, we must shift from teaching conformity to educating individual creativity. Everyone can be assisted in becoming accelerated learners. Learning to focus concentration, reduce stress and tension, access greater creative intelligence, and enhance reading, and memory skills, makes anyone more effective and productive.

The development of AlphaLearning is the result of forty years of research into the connection between peak performance, accelerated learning, and the Alpha Brainwave State. Brainwaves are an electrical measurement of our life force energy. The lowest range of brainwave activity is called the Delta Brainwave State. It goes from comatose states up through ordinary sleep. The Theta state begins with dream sleep, and takes us up through the half-awake state of deep trance. Alpha is the state that begins when we are barely awake and goes up through focused peak performance states. Beta is the state that begins with simple divided attention and goes all the way up through panic, anxiety, confusion, and terror.

In the Alpha State, the conscious mind (the mind of logic and reasoning), and the subconscious mind (the mind of creativity and imagination) work together in harmony. As we focus our concentration in the Alpha Brainwave State, certain neurological pathways in the brain become stimulated, allowing greater electro-chemical connections between our conscious and our subconscious minds. With the filter in the brain (the reticular activating system) open, we have access to far more of our creative intelligence. Everything becomes much easier to learn.

In today's complex world, we spend a lot of time in the Beta Brainwave State, where our attention is divided when we are thinking about several ideas at the same time. The busier our lives get, the more time we spend in Beta. Sometimes it is appropriate for us to be in the Beta State. There are many occasions in our daily lives: driving on the freeway, caring for children, or meeting an important deadline. Each demands divided or split attention.

There are however, many more occasions that benefit from the focused concentration and undivided intensity of the Alpha Brainwave State. It is the athlete's peak performance state and the inventor's creativity. It is the surgeon's fixation and the stamp collector's concentration. It is every child's state of fascination, wonder and awe. Alpha is the state for greatness at any endeavor because only in Alpha can you focus concentration, and thus accomplish whatever we most desire. Beta is a stressful state. The more time we spend feeling anxious, nervous, frightened, or confused, the harder it is on our minds and our bodies.

When we get very stressed, or endangered, we utilize the primitive portion of our brain for our survival. We gain access to strength and speed. This is best known as the fight or flight syndrome. At the same time however, we tend to lose access to the more evolved parts of our brain; and to our intelligence, creativity, and recall. In the Beta State, we can get fast and strong, but also stupid and forgetful.

We are much smarter in Alpha. As AlphaLearners we quickly master a very powerful technique to put ourselves into the Alpha State anytime we choose, in less than twenty seconds. In Alpha we amplify interest in any subject, and focus both our conscious and subconscious minds on enjoying the process of understanding and learning. We can read even the most technical of material several times faster than we ever could have before while significantly improving our comprehension, retention, and recall. In addition to enhanced logic and reasoning skills, we have access to our imagination, intuition, inspiration, and ingenuity, as well. AlphaLearners have learned how to learn. The ability to control our own brainwave activity is the key.

Focus Power

Focus brings to bear the power of the conscious mind, and Passion brings to bear the power of the subconscious mind. When the two minds come together in harmony, something magical happens. They create a third mind; a higher consciousness. This is literally a second level of thinking. With Focused Passion, all the power is in the second level of thinking. You get to think about your individual thoughts and feelings, and choose to empower the positive ones, and choose to release the negative ones. In this way you come to enjoy all of your thoughts and all of your feelings. Do this and you will discover that there is a side effect. It is called happiness. Happiness is not about your particular circumstances. Happiness is not about your initial thoughts. Happiness comes from what you think, about what you think.

Here is a simple and powerful technique for creating the state of Focused Passion. Focus comes when you move away from stress, just a little of the way toward sleep. Passion comes when you enjoy what you are doing.

Focus Passion is moving from divided attention (multi-tasking) to paying attention to just one special thing. Do this and you slow down your mind. You move toward stress when you feel endangered. To move into Focused Passion you need to feel safe.

Close your eyes.

Most of the input that comes in through your five senses comes in through your eyes. Close your eyes and you slow down your mind. It's the first thing you do when you want to fall asleep. Focused Passion can be reached with your eyes open, but closing your eyes cuts out many of the potential distractions.

Take a deep breath and imagine that you are in a very safe and peaceful place.

By making this safe place, a place that you love to be, you add passion to your state of focus. When you feel stressed you tighten your muscles and hold your breath. Release your muscle tension and let go of your breath and you will begin to feel safe. Choose this place with your intuition. Let it be the first safe place that comes in to your mind. Imagine that you can see this place, or that you can hear the surrounding sounds. Simply pretend and get the feeling that you are there. If your mind goes off to a different place, just notice this and then bring yourself back to your first place. Always return to this same place each time you wish to re-create this state of Focused Passion.

With Focused Passion you can solve the only two problems that you face. One problem is that you know what you want, but you don't know how to get it, and the only other problem is that you don't know what you want.

When you don't know what you want, you go to your place of Focused Passion and you ask. Then you listen for the answer. This is called meditation, introspection, reflection, or prayer. If you believe in a higher power then you might believe that the answer comes through you. If you don't believe in a higher power then you might believe that the answer comes from you. Either way the process is the same. You ask, and then you listen for the answer.

If you do know what you want, then you tell. You imagine what you do want, as if you already have it, over and over again, with GREAT PASSION! This is called mental programming, visualization, self-hypnosis, or auto-suggestion. It is an application of the amazingly powerful law of attraction.

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