Focused Passion - FAQ's


  • What is this website about?

    Our purpose is to publish and promote personal empowerment audio programs for the English-speaking world. The principles, concepts, instructions and exercises provided by these weekly audio programs develop personal growth, success, and fulfillment at accelerated rates.

  • How can I listen to these audio programs?

    Our weekly audio program, "Finding your SELF in Paradise," is available by subscription as premium podcasts, streaming audio and downloadable mp3 files. Each program is 99¢ billed monthly at $3.96 USD.

  • How 'bout some free samples?

    Sure. You'll find short samples in the media player on our home page. Click on "more free stuff" and leave your email address to receive a link to one full audio program.

  • Why is your website called

    Greatly expanded awareness is available in the relaxed, stress-free levels of mind that brain scientists have named "Alpha." We call that level "Focused Passion." Focus refers to the mental clarity and passion refers to the inner peace, understanding, and creative harmony promoted by this Alpha brain wave state between awake and asleep.

  • Why is your weekly audio program called "Finding your SELF in Paradise?"

    Human personality runs along a spectrum or scale from selfish, often antagonistic, even aggressive to very kind, loving, and compassionate. Selfish reactions are fear-based and born of confusion & anxiety. The ability to relax and mindfully choose a smarter, more harmonious response is so significant and life-changing, we call it finding your Higher SELF or True SELF.

    Paradise and "Paradise Thinking" is a reference to the calm, safe, relaxed "Alpha brain wave" level of expanded awareness, insight, and understanding.

  • How are you guys different from other personal empowerment and self-help programs?

    The biggest distinction between this and other personal empowerment programs is the use of "paradise thinking" in the Alpha Brain wave level. Abundant scientific research has proven the remarkable effectiveness of these relaxed states of Focused Passion between awake and asleep.

  • Just what do you mean by "compelling conversations?"

    Other personal empowerment programs featured one person lecturing to you. Our audio programs include the additional benefits of dialogue and conversation between two experts who've worked together successfully for more than three decades.

  • Are these Alpha states of mind anything like meditation or self-hypnosis?

    Yes, in most cases, the Alpha brain wave state, which we call "Paradise-thinking" and "Focused Passion," is the goal of most types of meditation and self-hypnosis. It is also central to techniques and skills from yoga, martial arts, sports psychology, accelerated learning, guided imagery, visualization, bio-feedback, progressive muscular relaxation (PMR), autogenics, stress management, brain entrainment, and bio-feeback.

  • What's an "audio journey?"

    Audio journeys are 10 to 12-minute guided imagery exercises within each of our weekly audio programs. Their purpose is to reinforce and underscore the lessons taught during the body of each audio program.

  • What is your Mission Statement?

    The Mission Statement is to become the world's most successful personal empowerment company by helping people discover and develop their authentic SELF in order to change the world from the inside out.

  • What does Personal Empowerment mean?

    Personal Empowerment is a collective reference to all human potential, personal development, self-improvement, and self-help learning programs. Steve and Michael have spent their entire adult lives researching this growing body of knowledge. These audio programs are their weekly "reports" to you.

  • What do you mean by growth, success, and fulfillment?

    Personal growth is becoming smarter, wiser, more creative, intuitive, ethical and better able to manage your emotions. Success is continual accomplishment in financial prosperity, as well as prosperity in opportunity, relationships, health, performance, and leadership.

  • What is the deal with the billing at only 99¢?

    Our audio program is available as a premium podcast, streaming audio, and downloadable mp3 files for a subscription rate of 99¢ per week, billed monthly at $3.96 USD. (Four weeks X 12-months = 48-programs, but because there are actually 52 weeks in a calendar year, there will always be four months in which you receive a free program.) There are no contracts between us, so you can unsubscribe and re-subscribe at any time.

  • What about past programs I may have missed?

    All of our past audio programs may be purchased in our on-line store at $4.95 per program.

  • Are there other products available?

    Yes. A complete list of our audio programs, videos, and e-documents is available in our on-line store.

  • Who is Steve Snyder?

    Steve Snyder is one of the world's foremost experts on Accelerated Learning and Personal Development. A pioneer in the Human Potential movement, Steve co-founded Live and Learn, a non-profit (501C3) Educational Foundation in Sherman Oaks, California in 1978.

    By 1987 Steve began providing seminars for corporations and business leaders, and soon focused on working with the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and TEC: The Executive Committee.

    Steve has made over one-thousand presentations in more than 90-countries worldwide, and is the recipient of the coveted TEC Speaker of the Year award.

  • Who is Michael Benner?

    Michael Benner is best known for his popular talk radio programs originating in Southern California. Since 1977, he has hosted news, commentary, and talk shows in Los Angeles on KABC-AM, KLOS-FM, KLSX-FM, KCBS-FM (Arrow 93.1), KRLA-AM, KWST-FM, KNAC-FM and KPFK-FM.

    In 1987 Michael left broadcasting as a full-time profession to begin his own business. Personal Development Strategies (PDS) provides counseling, training, and mentoring to individuals, couples, and businesses. As presented by Michael, the strategies include stress and anger management, relationship management, motivation (élan & esprit), goal-setting, problem-solving, accelerated learning, leadership & teamwork, continuous improvement, and character-building modules.

  • What does it mean to "wage inner peace?"

    Because there are no gurus, devotees, or groups to join, many people are thrilled to find this information. To "wage inner peace" simply means to tell your friends and associates who are looking for this type of information how they can subscribe. Thank you.

  • What or who is Illuminary Arts?

    Illuminary Arts is a Website and Software development company