Focused Passion


The One Tool: The State of Focused Passion
The state of total focused concentration and amplified passionate interest. Focused Passion

Some Benefits of the Focused Passion State:
Mental and emotional rehearsal"
To create peak performance and accelerated learning.
Releasing stress and tension:
For health, longevity, and access to higher creative intelligence.
Emotional Management:
To replace auto pilot knee jerk reactions with well reasoned responses.
Accessing imagination, intuition, ingenuity, and creativity:
For problem solving and innovation.
Changing attitudes and reprogramming habits:
For enhancing positive talents, gifts, and abilities.

Focused Passion is a state of two minds. While we only have one body, we have at least two minds. One mind, the Adult, Conscious BrainMind, the one you are aware you are walking around with during the day, is a mind of words and sounds and pictures, ruled by reasoning and will power. The other mind, the Child Subconscious HeartMind, the one that holds your memories, runs the auto-pilot systems of your body, and dreams at night, is a mind of emotion and sensation, ruled by imagination and feelings. The Conscious BrainMind uses analysis and deduction to solve problems. It uses a process of elimination, take-apart kind of thinking.

The Subconscious HeartMind, is not deductive but inductive. As we look at the menu with our BrainMind, we decide by process of elimination, I don't want breakfast, and I don't want desert, I think I'll have a sandwich. But I don't want roast beef, and I don't want corned beef, and I don't want grilled cheese, ahh, I think I'll have turkey.

Your HeartMind is not deductive but rather inductive. It possesses all the information that you have ever known about yourself, about food, and about restaurants. This mind of imagination would push the menu aside and tune into feelings such as, what am I in the mood for? What do I want? What would taste good right now? HeartMind might even ask for chicken and pancakes.

The BrainMind assembles a jig-saw puzzle by eliminating the pieces that don't fit and choosing the one that does. This HeartMind, upon seeing a partially assembled jigsaw puzzle, can go beyond what it knows, and realize that the fully assembled picture will be of a ship. The BrainMind uses deductive logic, or "take apart" thinking. The HeartMind uses inductive logic, or "put together" thinking.

There is a wonderful reason that explains why human beings have developed two different minds. It is because in the whole world there are really only two problems. That's always been a comforting thought, only two problems in the whole world. One problem is, we know what we want but we don't know how to get it, and the other problem is, "we don't know what we want".

The Conscious BrainMind has developed many rational methods to deduce the solution to the problem of "you know what you want, but you don't know how to get it. If you know that what you want, you can keep narrowing down the choices on the menu of ways to get it. until you decide which one to pursue. However if "you don't know what you want", then you don't know where to go to see if there are any choices to choose from. With deductive logic you could solve the problem of what you think you are supposed to want, by selecting from among those things other people have suggested. But not the problem of what do you want, because you don't know what to choose from.