Help your SELF

Help your SELF

Personal Empowerment Audio Programs to
solve your problems and heal your heart.

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  • What is Focused Passion? Click the Link


    More than a destination, "Paradise" is the alpha brainwave level of expanded awareness, insight, and understanding.
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  • Managing from your Higher SELF Click the Link


    Beyond the characters & roles we play, there is a Higher SELF -- a smarter, wiser, healthier "True You."
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  • More than Your Feelings Click the Link


    The secret to emotional management, instead of just reacting, is to identify as the higher, true SELF who chooses your ideal attitude and response.
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  • Who's Driving the Car? Click the Link


    Your thoughts determine your direction. Your emotions are the force that drives your thoughts into action.
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  • The Big Picture Click the Link


    Often, the most valuable information you're looking for is not in the details, but in the "Big Picture."
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  • Imagination Click the Link


    Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." John Lennon added, "And reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
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  • Heal your Childhood Click the Link


    It's never too late to have a happy childhood, once you learn to access memory through imagination.
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  • Wage Inner Peace Click the Link


    Peace in the world will not bring you inner peace, but inner peace is essential to peace, harmony, & justice in the world.
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Help your SELF!


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About the authors

Now, Personal Empowerment is yours through compelling conversations and guided meditations. Simply, Help your SELF.

Experts in the field for more than three decades, Steve and Michael have done the research for you. Each week, their premium audio programs give you proven tools – insights so profound, they will reveal your genuine Higher SELF.

  • Examine your gifts, talents, and abilities in our program on Finding Your Calling.
  • Learn to Manage your Thoughts, Feelings, Performance, and Relationships.
  • Discover your heartfelt desires with Big Dreams and Great Expectations.
  • Find out how to Ask for Help and learn all about Dealing with Difficult People.
  • Build relationships with Emotional Management and Mindful Conversations.
  • Explore your Universe with shows on Music, Time, Beauty, and Nature.
  • Master academics with programs on Reading, Study, Memory, and Test-taking.
  • Enjoy experiencing Hope, Optimism, Happiness, and Fulfillment on demand.

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"You'll really like the Paradise
You find inside your SELF,
And you'll Love the SELF
You find inside that Paradise." — Steve Snyder

"Replace your 'knee jerk' reactions with even-tempered, well-reasoned responses."
— Michael Benner