The Breakthrough Philosophy


There are two primary components to the Breakthrough Philosophy.

  1. There is a New You that you can Breakthrough to.
    For each and every individual — hidden behind their doubt, fear, worry, and confusion; enfolded within their role playing and people-pleasing persona — there is an Authentic "Higher" Self. This wonderful, wise and powerful "New You" is the sum total of your unique gifts, talents, abilities, and multiple intelligences as understood from a "higher perspective." This is your true and unique identity — the doorway to personal and professional mastery, to purpose and passion in your life, right here, right now.
  2. The Alpha State of Focused Passion is the way to get there.
    There is a very special state of mind and heart called the Alpha Brainwave level. It is the state of Focused Passion, a tool that allows you to break through all of your blocks and resistances, doubts and fears, and access the amazing gifts, talents, abilities of the Authentic "Higher" Self — the New You we're breaking through to.

The One Tool: The State of Focused Passion

The state of total focused concentration and amplified passionate interest. Focused Passion

Some Benefits of the Focused Passion State:

Mental and emotional rehearsal, to create peak performance and accelerated learning.
Releasing stress and tension for health, longevity, and access to higher creative intelligence.
Emotional Management to replace auto pilot knee jerk reactions with well reasoned responses.
Accessing imagination, intuition, ingenuity, and creativity, for problem solving and innovation.
Changing attitudes, reprogramming habits, and enhancing positive talents, gifts, and abilities.

Focused Passion is a state of two minds. While we only have one body, we have at least two minds. One mind, the Adult, Conscious BrainMind, the one you are aware you are walking around with during the day, is a mind of words and sounds and pictures, ruled by reasoning and will power. The other mind, the Child Subconscious HeartMind, the one that holds your memories, runs the auto-pilot systems of your body, and dreams at night, is a mind of emotion and sensation, ruled by imagination and feelings. The Conscious BrainMind uses analysis and deduction to solve problems. It uses a process of elimination, take apart kind of thinking. The Subconscious HeartMind, is not deductive but inductive. As we look at the menu with our BrainMind, we decide by process of elimination, I don't want breakfast, and I don't want desert, I think I'll have a sandwich. But I don't want roast beef, and I don't want corned beef, and I don't want grilled cheese, ahh, I think I'll have turkey.
Your HeartMind is not deductive but rather inductive. It possesses all the information that you have ever known about yourself, about food, and about restaurants. This mind of imagination would push the menu aside and tune into feelings such as, what am I in the mood for? What do I want? What would taste good right now? HeartMind might even ask for chicken and pancakes.
The BrainMind assembles a jig-saw puzzle by eliminating the pieces that don't fit and choosing the one that does. This HeartMind, upon seeing a partially assembled jigsaw puzzle, can go beyond what it knows, and realize that the fully assembled picture will be of a ship. The BrainMind uses deductive logic, or "take apart" thinking. The HeartMind uses inductive logic, or "put together" thinking.
There is a wonderful reason that explains why human beings have developed two different minds. It is because in the whole world there are really only two problems. That's always been a comforting thought, only two problems in the whole world. One problem is, we know what we want but we don't know how to get it, and the other problem is, "we don't know what we want".
The Conscious BrainMind has developed many rational methods to deduce the solution to the problem of "you know what you want, but you don't know how to get it. If you know that what you want, you can keep narrowing down the choices on the menu of ways to get it. until you decide which one to pursue. However if "you don't know what you want", then you don't know where to go to see if there are any choices to choose from. With deductive logic you could solve the problem of what you think you are supposed to want, by selecting from among those things other people have suggested. But not the problem of what do you want, because you don't know what to choose from.

I understand, said the BrainMind. You take the pieces, like our thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and wisdom, and assemble them into the whole, our desired outcome. Then I take that desired outcome and break it down to the individual pieces such as the steps we need to take to achieve it. First we go to you to help decide what we want. Then we come back to me to help figure out, step by step, how to get it.

Right, said HeartMind. You focus on the things to do, and I empower us to make them true.

Determining what you feel you really want calls for something from the HeartMind like imagination, inspiration, insight, intuition, or illumination, not deductive logic. When you have no idea what you want you can not use deduction or process of elimination. You must use inductive, or "put together" thinking. However sometimes the way we answer the question "What do you want comes purely through your emotions. You just want it. You have an intuition that it would be good. You imagine that it would make you feel better.

When we were newly born, we are basically HeartMind. We have no logic and just about all there is, is creativity. For example, at first there was no preconceived method for sitting up. We creatively experimented with many different methods. Due to our great passion for achievement, it wasn't long before we began to use everything available including eventually reasoning, to aid us in our endeavors. We began to use rudimentary logic and deduction to eliminate those sitting up methods that didn't seem to work. Ultimately we discover a "right combination" that does. There are a lot of different movements that we could do that could lead to sitting up. We find those "right combinations" of movements that are easier than the others until we get a "right combination" that works pretty good. We then do this one over and over again, and before long it is a habit. We can then relegate sitting up to the automatic pilot of HeartMind, and put our attention on other things.
Early childhood is made up to a great extent of daydreaming, pretending, and figuring things out. Our creativity flourishes in a structure were there are so few rules, and where it is relatively okay to be wrong. Curiosity is the driving force, and fascination is the reward for the experience. At a time when our creativity and problem solving skills are peaking, we run head on into a very sobering experience for both BrainMind and HeartMind called school.

School, said BrainMind, it seems to me, was more directed toward Brain than Heart. But it was only when Heart got involved, only when we got interested, that we really learned anything.

True, said HeartMind, when I was interested it was easy to learn, for that was where my Heart would turn. When I was bored then I would go away, and that's where I spent many a day. For the most part I found school for me, was boredom, with jolts of high anxiety.

The Industrial Age, process of schooling children utilized a system that blocked much of their imagination and creativity. Essentially, the original point of schooling was preparing children for assembly line jobs. We took all of the kids of the same age, put them in the same room, and taught them how to do the same things, in the same way, at the same time. To make them all the same. Ideally they would all graduate at the same age with the same skills, and the same information base, working at the same speed as each other. It's like a school of fish. To be in the school, fish have to swim just the same way as all of the other fish do. If they are different, and they swim off by themselves, they are not in the school anymore.
School was designed to meet the needs of the Industrial Age society that existed when it was instituted, and at the time what we needed was millions of assembly line factory workers. People who could follow directions and do repetitive tasks at the same speed as everyone around them. School was perfect for creating students to meet the needs of an assembly line technology, where being the same (conformity) is more effective than being different (creativity). The result of schooling for many, has been the acceptance of averageness, blocking many members of our society from experiencing the creativity (the specialness and uniqueness) that is their birthright.

The Information Age has very different needs than the Industrial Age had. We have moved from the factories to the offices. We have moved from a work culture where most everyone did much the same job, to a work culture with much more diversity. Assembly line jobs are handled more and more by robots and computer assisted engineering, while humans are freed up to do jobs where they must solve problems and creatively think. The primary thinking skills that one needs in our modern day culture is knowing how to make things up, and how to figure things out; innovation and problem solving

An important function of the state of Focused Passion is that it allows us access to both of our minds at the same time. This allows the minds to work most effectively. The kind of effectiveness that will be needed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing corporate technology and an even more rapidly changing marketplace. Using Focused Passion allows us to think beyond the boundaries of what is known. You make use of the Alpha Brainwave State, the particular brainwaves that provides access to both Conscious BrainMind and Subconscious HeartMind which allows for the state of Focused Passion with its' enhanced creativity and problem solving skills.

I love problem solving said BrainMind. I love the challenge of making things better.

I too love the challenge that problem solving brings, but it's because I love making better things.

Everyone can be assisted in becoming accelerated learners with the AlphaLearning System of Focused Passion. Learning, in the Alpha Brainwave State, to focus concentration, reduce stress and tension, access greater creative intelligence, and enhance reading, thinking, and memory skills, makes anyone more effective and productive.

When I speak to you, said BrainMind, no matter what I say, PASSION amplifies the signal. PASSION is truly the language that you best understand.

YES, YES, YES, said HeartMind. You DO see. PASSION is the key to communicate with me.
We are the two of us, both energy, I'm one side of you, and you're one side of m


The Life Force

To have an understanding of the mind we must start with the basics, matter and energy. The body is matter. What is not matter, what animates the matter is energy. In India they call it Prana or Kundalini, in China it is called Chi, in Japan it's Ki, in French it is Elan Vitale, in Hindi it is Ru, in Hebrew it is Ruach. In English there is no such word. Amazingly, there is no equivalent word in the English Language. The Chinese translate Chi, into English as Life Force The Life Force energy is the energy that is life itself. The Life Force flows through human beings in three ways. Three manifestations, three jobs to do.

  1. The Life Force flows through our physical bodies as pain control and healing.
    Without our needing to have the slightest idea how it works, (even doctors don't completely understand how it works), our bodies know exactly how to heal themselves. The mandate is "fix and make better." If the skin gets cut, our body will not only fix the cut, but it will replace the skin with scar tissue, which is stronger than skin and less likely to be re-cut. If we break a bone, the body repairs it stronger than it was before - less likely to be re-broken. If we get mumps, or measles, or chicken pox, or bodies will heal with an added resistance to the disease. We build up immunities and are stronger than we were before. Whether dealing with injury or disease, the life force as it flows through the focused brain seeks to fix the body and make it better.
  2. The Life Force flows through our minds as intelligence and creativity.
    Other names might include imagination, intuition, inspiration, revelation, and illumination. The highest form of intelligence is the "ah ha" experience. Those times when the light bulb goes off over your head and you come up with a brilliant solution or an absolutely great idea. This is the product of a focused brain. The lowest form of intelligence, comes doing rote memorization and repetitive tasks.
  3. The Life Force flows through our spirit as passion self confidence and love.
    Love is the most common name but it can also be called peace of mind, feelings of well being, and the inner sense of safety and security. These are also manifestations of the life force in a focused brain. We get to experience excellent health, happiness, passion, and success as a result of allowing the life force to flow unimpeded through the human spirit.

Healing, intelligence and love are all the same thing. They are all the life force. This is why hateful people are often sick and stupid. If you block your life force by blocking your love, you also block your intelligence and healing. There is only one force.

Focus Power

Focus brings to bear the power of the conscious mind, and Passion brings to bear the power of the subconscious mind. When the two minds come together in harmony, something magical happens. They create a third mind; a higher consciousness. This is literally a second level of thinking. With Focused Passion, all the power is in the second level of thinking. You get to think about your individual thoughts and feelings, and choose to empower the positive ones, and choose to release the negative ones. In this way you come to enjoy all of your thoughts and all of your feelings. Do this and you will discover that there is a side effect. It is called happiness. Happiness is not about your particular circumstances. Happiness is not about your initial thoughts. Happiness comes from what you think, about what you think.

Here is a simple and powerful technique for creating the state of Focused Passion. Focus comes when you move away from stress, just a little of the way toward sleep. Passion comes when you enjoy what you are doing.

Focus Passion is moving from divided attention (multi-tasking) to paying attention to just one special thing. Do this and you slow down your mind. You move toward stress when you feel endangered. To move into Focused Passion you need to feel safe.

Close your eyes.

Most of the input that comes in through your five senses comes in through your eyes. Close your eyes and you slow down your mind. It's the first thing you do when you want to fall asleep. Focused Passion can be reached with your eyes open, but closing your eyes cuts out many of the potential distractions.

Take a deep breath and imagine that you are in a very safe and peaceful place.

By making this safe place, a place that you love to be, you add passion to your state of focus. When you feel stressed you tighten your muscles and hold your breath. Release your muscle tension and let go of your breath and you will begin to feel safe. Choose this place with your intuition. Let it be the first safe place that comes in to your mind. Imagine that you can see this place, or that you can hear the surrounding sounds. Simply pretend and get the feeling that you are there. If your mind goes off to a different place, just notice this and then bring yourself back to your first place. Always return to this same place each time you wish to re-create this state of Focused Passion.

With Focused Passion you can solve the only two problems that you face. One problem is that you know what you want, but you don't know how to get it, and the only other problem is that you don't know what you want.

When you don't know what you want, you go to your place of Focused Passion and you ask. Then you listen for the answer. This is called meditation, introspection, reflection, or prayer. If you believe in a higher power then you might believe that the answer comes through you. If you don't believe in a higher power then you might believe that the answer comes from you. Either way the process is the same. You ask, and then you listen for the answer.

If you do know what you want, then you tell. You imagine what you do want, as if you already have it, over and over again, with GREAT PASSION! This is called mental programming, visualization, self-hypnosis, or auto-suggestion. It is an application of the amazingly powerful law of attraction.

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